Urgent Appeal from US Search and Rescue Team On the Ground in Israel

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Urgent Appeal from US Search and Rescue Team on the ground in Israel

The past two weeks have been a tumultuous period for many, and our hearts and prayers go out to Klal Yisroel during these trying times.

In a twist of divine timing, on Wednesday of Chol Hamoed, Jay Schwartz, a dedicated CommSAR (Community Search and Rescue) coordinator, was imparting knowledge on Advanced Search and Rescue Management to Israeli volunteer teams and police departments. Little did we know that just three days later, on Shabbos, conflict would erupt. Thankfully, the Israeli teams were able to immediately employ some of the invaluable techniques and tools they had just learned.

In response to the escalating situation, CommSAR promptly dispatched a rapid response team to bolster the efforts of the local units. Our team faced the daunting task of searching areas near the concert and the stricken communities. It's not a typical day when our search and rescue missions are conducted under sniper fire, necessitating bulletproof armor and operating within a hostile environment with armored vehicles.

Our dedicated volunteers are working tirelessly on the ground, around the clock, searching, rescuing and bringing to Kvura Neshamos and parts thereof. We pray for a swift resolution, but pragmatically, we are gearing up for an extended situation, ensuring a rotation of our volunteers for uninterrupted support.

Beyond the ongoing search, rescue and recovery efforts, we continue to assist in regular search operations in Israel, aiding local teams when our fellow Yidden go missing. We regularly send supplies to our personnel and the teams we collaborate with. This is over and above our usual operational costs.

While we typically operate discreetly, the gravity of the current situation compels us to reach out. We urgently need your support.

Please consider sponsoring one of the items listed below or making a generous donation. Every contribution, no matter the size, will make a significant difference.

Read More Here: https://www.israelnationalnews.com/news/378678

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