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As a bochur Learning in yeshiva together with our dear friend, I would see a masmid who is totally engrossed in torah va'avodah. He was always someone you can look up to for his enthusiasm and hasmadah, yet you can never guess his difficult background. Coming from a broken home with (literally) no one to take care of him, He immersed himself fully in torah in a true example of לולי תורתך שעשועי אז אבדתי בעניי.

Recently he got engaged b"h offering him the opportunity to forget his difficult past and to continue growing in torah while finally building his life anew. Unfortunately, there are virtually no funds for the chasunah as there has never really been money in his broken family to even sustain him properly let alone marry him off. As friends we turn to you to please help our chaver get married with dignity, and in the zechus of tzedakah may we all be zoceh to ksiva va'chasima tova!

Tizku Lmitzvos! 

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