A Life Lost, A Life Born לע"נ שרגא אליהו ב"ר חיים אליעזר דוד געשטעטנער

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A Life Lost, A Life Born

Our dear classmate's husband, Shragee Gestetner A"H was niftar in the horrific Meron tragedy this past Lag Ba'Omer. He was an extraordinary person who's done more for others than any of us really know. He truly felt another's pain, and would do anything in his power to try to alleviate it. Let us continue his work and do something as a Zechus for his Neshama -- We can help bring another life into this world. We can try to bring joy to an empty home, laughter to a pained soul. By donating $18,000 to Bonai Olam to cover the cost of one fertility cycle for a childless couple, we can make that dream happen.

Please support our grade effort and help us raise the money we need to accomplish our goal.

In the Zechus of your generous donation, may all sorrow be transformed into happiness!

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