Erev Purim Fire - Friedman Family

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This past erev Shabbos our sister's home was engulfed in flames! We are so thankful to Hakadosh Baruch Hu that she & her husband and four children ran out, without coats or shoes, just moments before their second floor apartment was consumed by fire.

My friends and neighbors! This is literally Matanos L'evyonim! They do not have anything at all as the fire was so intense, it ignited the homes on either side.

Everything was destroyed including their source of parnassa, clothing for the family, beds, linen, appliances, tefillin....everything!

It's Purim. The day we open up our hearts and GIVE as much as we can. Every dollar you give will get this family back on their feet. Your donation will make it possible for them to look for a new apartment and put down their first month's rent. Buy uniforms and shoes so the children can go back to school after Purim. Buy groceries for the first few weeks. Purchase new clothing and shoes for everyone.


Friedman Family Fund

Thank you!

To donate by phone (718) 395-5514

For the Gold Family Fund click here: https://thechesedfund.com/yadvelev/boro-park-fire

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