הספר תורה קאמפיין לע"נ הילד חיים מנחם מענדל ע"ה בן יצחק יחיאל ני"ו (פעפערקארן)

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Dear Family and Friends,

On ז' אב תשפ"ב it became evidently clear what an impact Mendel has made in his short life span of almost 12 years. Mendel was a sweet, pure neshama with multiple physical challenges. Yet, those who had the zchus to know him intimately, saw only the sparkle in his eyes, his lechtigeh smile, and beautiful countenance. Mendel endured his share of suffering and came down to this world solely to fulfill his tafkid. We all miss him very much and the gaping void is impossible to fill.

As his first yuhrtzeit is upon us, a beautiful project is underway to write a ספר תורה לזכר נשמתו-a lasting tribute to our dear Mendel. The words of the Torah will be a reminder of his life, his spirit, and the impact he had on those around him.

If you'd like to contribute towards Mendel's ספר תורה please click on this link. We thank all those who expressed an interest in participating. Please do not consider this an obligation in any way; it is merely an opportunity for those of you who wish to participate.

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