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Moshey is an adorable, fun eight year old boy with autism as well as many behavioral issues.

Moshey has attended countless special- education programs with each ending in him being sent away with no success in finding a solution to get his behaviors under control. Moshey’s behaviors have reached a point where he is no longer able to keep himself and those around him safe!

Every possible avenue has been tried up until now to help regulate Moshey but sadly, no solution has been found.

Finally, an opportunity of hope was found to help him both medically and emotionally in the Sophia Health Institute in Woodinville, Washington

Unfortunately, this treatment is not covered by insurance and require the parents to shell out an enormous sum of money for the treatment and medications.

We are desperately trying to raise the funds so Moshey’s parents can get him the help he needs and have the opportunity to improve his quality of life.

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